Grodno State Medical University

Our university has always implemented and maintained all the best traditions of Soviet higher medical education. In accordance with the curricula and programs approved at that time, training was carried out at the medical and then at the pediatric faculty. In the 1959/60 school year, medical practice was introduced into the system of higher medical education, and in the 1970/71 school year, a subordinate and internship was introduced. For more than half a century of its existence, the institute, and then the university, trained more than 16 thousand doctors and nurses with higher education, including about 300 foreigners from 25 countries of the world. Up to the 1990s, enrollment in higher education increased (for example, in 1993 the graduation exceeded 600 people). Subsequently, the number of budget places was reduced. At the same time, the normative base of health care did not diminish, which at the beginning of the 21st century aggravated the personnel problem, especially the lack of staff in rural medical institutions.

The high quality of training graduates of the Grodno State Medical University has long been proven by time. First of all, this is confirmed by the prestige of doctors among the population, as well as the appointment of our graduates to senior positions of health authorities and organizations at various levels, the work of Grodno doctors abroad at major universities and research centers in Europe and the world. In the 1990s, new, and the only in the republic, faculties were opened at the university: sisterly (1991 – full-time, 1996 – part-time education) and medical-psychological (1993). Since 1992, foreign students began studying, and in recent years, the export of educational services has been significantly expanded. In 2008, the medical-diagnostic faculty was organized, where training is carried out in two specialties: Medical Diagnostics and Nursing. Today, the university has 5 faculties, medical personnel are trained in 5 specialties, and through clinical residency in 33, postgraduate studies – 20 specialties. Prepared first undergraduates.
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