guangxi medical university

The school has a long history. Guangxi Medical University was founded in 1934 Nian 11 Yue 21 days, located in a “green city,” said the Guangxi capital of Nanning City, the existing and the construction of the main campus, campus Wuming, Yulin campus,international education and exchange of pharmaceutical research center (Wuxiang Campus) 4campuses, covering a total area of ​​about 4,000 acres.Formerly known as the Guangxi Provincial Medical College. In 1940 , the school site moved to Guilin.Before 1949 , the school moved to the school site seven times during the war and changed the name of the school three times. In November 1949 , it was renamed Guangxi Medical College. In 1952 , the Central Ministry of Health commissioned the Central Ministry of Health to directly lead. In April 1953 , theCentral Ministry of Health approved the change to Guangxi Medical College

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